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Save, manage and share the digital material of your company
Digital asset management (DAM) helps you get more value from creative assets like images and videos by making them easy to organize, access and distribute.

ImageBank Independent is a browser-based DAM-service targeted at companies and utilizable for various needs.

Brand Management
Manage the communication material of your company - identity supporting files are easily and always found up-to-date.
Files, sales materials, presentations, videos - share communication material from one centralized portal.
Get your employees and stakeholders committed to use a common tool to achieve a common goal.
Manage materials in a centralized portal
ImageBank Independent is a material bank targeted at companies and utilizable for various needs. The solution can be used for many different purposes, e.g. as a distribution platform for product and company images, a brand portal of a company’s visual appearance, as a material bank of an organization, or an archive of graphical production. When the material is centralized to a single service, daily work becomes easier.
Deliver faster and efficiently - always a step ahead
Build your company's image proactively. Analysis and development of critical meeting points on client path help direct investments to targets that most efficiently influence the brand. Organized and easy to share materials help you stay a step ahead.
Give responsibility to those in need
What if you didn’t always have to be available when it came to materials? When you know that up-to-date material can be found in the ImageBank Independent system, you can confidently grant rights to your colleagues, stakeholders, and clients. Those who need the material can flexibly find what they need in the system without responsible intermediaries.
Easily use materials wherever, whenever
Our clients have given us positive feedback on the system’s ease of use. The system is fast and intuitive to use irrespective of time and place, whether you are a basic user or an administrator. Our solution is a browser-based application that requires no installation and is therefore easy to use anywhere in the world.


Hierarchical category structure
Hierarchical category structure can contain both internal and external material - visibility is limited by user rights.
Customized categories for your needs
Category structure can be built exactly to match your needs.
Importing files into the system
Files can be imported into the system one at a time or in a batch. The file type does not matter - be it a picture, text file, PowerPoint-presentation or a video - the application accepts everything.
Metadata and classifications
You can define metadata, keywords, additional classification and search terms through which the application smoothly finds the sought materials.
Administration through the same view
As the software administrator, you can do all the upkeep work without a separate login - all actions are carried out through the same view all users use.
Manage user groups and users
Through the system, you can manage user groups and users, and grant access to different contents.
E-mailable basket
Using the basket is simple. Add your desired material to the basket, and you can send a link to it via e-mail. The basket remains in the system for a lifespan you can determine.
Access only the selected files
Recipient of the basket link does not need to be a registered user in the system; they only see the files collected into the basket.
Download files directly or move to the basket
Users logged into the system can use the basket according to their needs. Downloading individual files directly is also possible.
Share in social media
A file always has its own address that can be shared e.g. in social media.
Automatic image conversions
Different image sizes can be predefined into the system. When you import an original file into the system, you can choose to have predefined conversions to alter image sizes automatically.
Image processing
The system allows image processing such as colour space alteration, cropping, scaling down and changing resolution.
Mobile app for Android and iOS devices
We offer a mobile app for Android and iOS devices, with which adding pictures is easy, e.g. for those working in the field. Whether it’s pictures of a construction site or shop images taken by sales representatives, with the app they’re saved easily and with correct classification into the image bank’s cloud service, where they are thus easily available also for other personnel of the company.
Integrated analytics
The system automatically gathers statistical data on user activities: statistics on downloaded and searched files as well as basket downloads. With user tracking, you can monitor the utilization rate of the service.
If there aren’t enough features, let’s tailor!
If needed, we can tailor client-specific features and create specific integrations. The material bank can be integrated into other systems, for instance web services, PDM systems, or enterprise resource planning systems.
We develop - we support.
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