Viking Line

Company background

Viking Line is a public limited company and a market-leading brand in passenger traffic on the northern Baltic Sea.

viking line kuvapankki


Known for its red ships, Viking Line offers travel services, recreation and cargo transportation in the North Sea. Viking Line chose Imagebank Independent as data management solution for their marketing and advertising materials.

For internal use, materials are always available and thus up to date in one location. The system also makes it easier to work with a wide network of collaborators to centralize the delivery of marketing materials.

(Picture: Viking Line)

Deployment project

The deployment project of the image bank can be finished in a couple of weeks. The deployment project has four phases. First, the package according to the service level is technically deployed into the agreed server environment. After that, the contents are defined together: visual elements like the logo and background, categories, metadata, and user groups. Next, contents can be imported into the material bank, for instance as a single batch transfer. After this, the application is ready to be used and it can be published in the agreed location.
Technical deployment of the product
Defining contents
Importing contents