Company background

Oras Ltd. is a Finnish faucet and shower product company founded in Rauma in 1945. They develop, manufacture, and market faucets for kitchens and bathrooms.


Oras wanted a material bank on their website through which clients and different stakeholders could fetch various materials from brochures to technical drawings.

Oras also wanted to automatize the publishing of the material and to avoid the work of constantly updating material in many different addresses.

We solved their needs by customizing ImageBank DAM-solution to be directly embedded into Oras' website. In practice, the browser-based application is integrated into the website.

Publishing material into the material bank is completely automatized. The contents of the material bank are not managed separately, but all files present there are imported automatically from the same data source as the data of their website.

Oras material bank and DAM-solution is open to all and works without a login.

Deployment project

The deployment project of the image bank can be finished in a couple of weeks. The deployment project has four phases. First, the package according to the service level is technically deployed into the agreed server environment. After that, the contents are defined together: visual elements like the logo and background, categories, metadata, and user groups. Next, contents can be imported into the material bank, for instance as a single batch transfer. After this, the application is ready to be used and it can be published in the agreed location.
Technical deployment of the product
Defining contents
Importing contents