Company background

Even after almost 70 years of operation the MSK family corporation has managed to maintain the desire to develop its business, the courage to evolve and the ability to stay close to the customer. The corporation employs over 800 professionals and is formed of the parent company MSK Group and its six subsidiaries whose HR, communication and financial services are operated by the parent company.


imagebank msk group


ImageBank Independent implemented for MSK Group solves the management of communication materials - files are up-to-date and easily to everyone in the organisation. DAM-solution designed for the whole company in mind helps in brand management and also facilitates the management of materials for several subsidiaries. (Photo: MSK Group)


Deployment project

The deployment project of the image bank can be finished in a couple of weeks. The deployment project has four phases. First, the package according to the service level is technically deployed into the agreed server environment. After that, the contents are defined together: visual elements like the logo and background, categories, metadata, and user groups. Next, contents can be imported into the material bank, for instance as a single batch transfer. After this, the application is ready to be used and it can be published in the agreed location.
Technical deployment of the product
Defining contents
Importing contents