Top 15 Digital Asset Management Benefits

Top 15 Digital Asset Management Benefits

Top 15 Digital Asset Management Benefits

What are the benefits of digital asset management software? What does digital asset management actually do?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a powerful technology for storing, managing and sharing pictures, videos and other digital media files. Here’s a list of top 15 benefits that digital asset management software brings to the table:

  1. Central and secure location for all your digital files and content. Simply organize your assets in a way that makes sense to your team, so everyone knows how to find what they need, when they need it.
  2. Increase efficiency by locating the exact file you’re looking for instantly by utilizing metadata, categories or search function.
  3. Keep track of your files’ history and statistics – reuse your digital files and videos to maximize your asset usage.
  4. Find files fast with specific metadata tagged in the file; such as photo shoot, product brochure, product item number and more. Powerful extended search options help you locate the files you need quickly.
  5. Automate workflows; streamline content creation and distribution processes with built-in tools.
  6. Decrease production delays and costs by assigning tasks and user rights to internal and external teams.
  7. Control when photos or documents can be distributed and viewed by setting expiry dates on your files.
  8. Increase efficiency by integrating your digital asset management system with other enterprise software. Pull files directly from a DAM while in Adobe InDesign, your CMS and more.
  9. Be informed on the usage and viewing of your digital files. Implement digital rights to know exactly who is using the digital files, images and videos.
  10. Save time while on the go – use mobile and tablet functionality by using our mobile app to add digital material while away from your desk.
  11. Keep files securely maintained in the DAM-system while collaborating with internal and external teams.
  12. Embed copyright or contact information into every image or file so external parties can contact the right person prior to use.
  13. Automatically tag uploaded pictures with e.g. photographers camera EXIF data.
  14. Manage your brand the right way. Our Digital asset management system has robust features to ensure effective brand management. Manage your branded web portal for users and key stakeholders to access the files they need. Create a custom category with corporate brand guidelines to ensure users follow these terms.
  15. Share and publish digitally. Digital publishing tools in DAM keep all your assets in one location but allow you to push them to social channels, web content management systems, marketing automation solutions, third-party distribution services and more.

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